HOLY GRINDER ‘Primitive Methods’ available now via Bandcamp / soon on iTunes, etc.

July 26, 2019

There are so many bands right now, and so many bands playing killer music, that I just don’t have the resources to release everything that comes along, so we put the word out on Facebook to find bands that may be interested in releasing some of their music digitally. HOLY GRINDER came forward and answered!

Some may hear this and wonder why we would release it, we don’t normally do noise / HEAVY noise stuff. But this is a little different and we like it. Experimental? Yes. Harsh? Yes. Heavy? Once again, another yes.

Canadian based and having released splits with AGATHOCLES and SETE STAR SEPT we had to get this out into the airwaves.

This is available on our Bandcamp right now and will hit iTunes, Amazon and the usual outlets at a later date, we’ll update you though, don’t worry!

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