Resurrection Records

THE RESURRECTIONISTS - Working Class Since 1832 10"

Let me first start off by warning you, these tunes are a bit dark... each song presented here conveys at least a little sense of that brooding, melancholy feeling you get when looking out across a wet, empty parking lot in some shitty midwestern town. This is overcast music. And why wouldn't it be? Much like their gloomy brethren in, say, Seattle or Oslo, the Resurrectionists are doomed to project the sounds of their dismal environment. The Resurrectioninsts' goth-tinged masterpiece "Working Class Since 1982" is fucking fantastic. Each track is an infectiously written pop song that you will find yourself singing under your breath in line at the grocery store without realizing it. This will be embarrassing but will get over it. (Writeup By Prometheus Wolf)

Track Listing:

1. Better off Bedouins

2. Irma Jean & Entropy

3. Obsession Waltz

4. The Blood