"AIE is from Slovakia and play pure unadulterated grindcore. there are no melodies here, just music written to be played fast and loud. Short and to the point. ALEA IACTA EST bring 5 original songs, plus a cover of “human trafficking” by INSECT WARFARE. Lyrics are political in nature featuring short sentences with big ideas. Translated into Slovak, English, and I think Czech (?), they definitely want the audience to know exactly what they are saying. First song has a noisy intro, and then nothing but brutal assault follows. recorded April 2013.



CONTROLLED EXISTENCE is from Prague, Czech Republic, and manage to fit 8 crusty power violence songs on their side. Lyrics are a mix of Czech (?) and either Italian or Spanish, not sure which. No English translations on this side, which is a shame for under – educated Amerikans such as myself. Songs all stick to the same style, mid range vocals, lots of chaotic speed amongst groove laden riffs. Songs recorded February 2013.

This split is 14 tracks of total fury in about the same number of minutes. Definitely recommended for fans of power violence / grindcore and guaranteed to please." - Profane Existence