Grindfather Productions

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH - Last Men In Gore Cassette

Grindhead Records is gurgeling bloody chunks of excitement to be finally resurrecting the undead, flesh-devouring, maggot-infested ghoul that is Gruesome Stuff Relish's "Last Men In Gore".

This apocalyptic, gore-drenched re-release contains a plethora of savage, gut-munching tracks spanning since this Spanish gore monsters inception in 2000 to the end 2003, containing the never released 7" "Last Men Alive", the now classic "Brothers In Gore" split with Brutality Reigns Supreme and five unreleased innard liquifying gems.

Gruesome Stuff Relish combine old school the 90's death of Entombed and Carnage with the splattered gore sound of Impetigo and Necrony; and is craciously trasmitted through the use of catchy-as-fuck! Filthy distorted guitars, bone-shattering blast beats and thick, punishing brain-stewing bass lines - all while conceptually paying homage to the classic zombie and cannibal horror films of the 60's, 70's and 80's, best displayed on tracks such as "Walk Among the Living", "Green Inferno" and "Teenage Giallo Grind".