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HELLSAKURA - Venomrizer CD

Karasu Killer

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This new HELLSAKURA album  ‘Venömrizer’ also marks the first release of the current lineup as a quartet, with two guitars, making the sound even more metal, strong and heavy.

HELLSAKURA has the production by Loud Factory where recorded the ten tracks of the album. Soon more information about this release.

The band spares no effort for their new album ‘Venömrizer’ to be a great experience for their friends and fans and bring some of great names of Metal to join the disc.

Longtime partners, NERVOCHAOS’ musicians will be present on the disc, as well as João Test, from TEST band.

As international guest is the American guitarist of the legendary Death Metal group  IMMOLATION, Bob Vigna.

Putting the icing on the cake, Serpenth, musician of the Austrian band BELPHEGOR, which not only participated on the disc, but also created Hellsakura’s new logo and the cover art of ‘Venömrizer’.

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