SWEET TOOTH - Blister Music Flexi EP

"Okay, so where this is a format I never wanted to do due to personal issues I have with flexis, I do oblige by a band's wishes. It was this or maybe a 1 sided 7'' and felt less dirty with this option. This was recorded a year ago and took a long time to come out on both ends, but it finally made it! I actually prefer this short record's material (3 minutes) most of all from the Toof as its short, nasty and sweet- no pun intended. And as far as a flexi recording sound goes, this works pretty good and actually sounds good for a flexi. All a matter of opinion of course. If you liked the demo and EP, you'll love this. Comes in a regular cardstock foldover cover and even has an insert,, so its treated like a regular release and not just a flexi in a polybag. This is a 1 time press of 400 & not small pressed as a gimmick/collector thing, just seemed right to not overdo it" - Cowabunga Records