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Karasu Killer


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Two important bands of the Brazilian scene divide that split 7", on one side the band from Sao Paulo formed early 2008 the Defy, "Refuse all that is forced on you - Oppose",influenced by bands like Warcollapse,Doom, Battle of Disarm,Bolt Thrower, Benediction.Side A of Annihilation Crust, Death, Thrash, lyrics that reporting the  daily life and all the atrocities that man gives to every second of your existence! Terror Revolucionário (Revolutionary terror) is a band from Brasilia D.C. formed in february of 1999,  Extreme Noise Terror, Disrupt, Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Agathocles, ROT, Olho Seco, Lobotomia, Cólera,Armagedom, D.R.I., Heresy, Ripcord. "Hardcore Livre" what you understand about that? The band explode the Old Hardcore Crust, Grind, Fast, Old School, Punk, or any style that tend to place without having to give satisfaction to anyone. Is a kick in your face, blast in your head! Fast and Raw Hardcore!