Pan Del Muerte Records

You Pose, But Why? Issue #1

"Another bullshit fanzine filled with anti-establishmentarianism and ironically pretending to like things that everyone hates. Features will not include:

-Single-sided flexi with tracks from: Sete Star Sept, Shitnoise Bastards, Exacerbacion and The Oily Menace

-Cover by Randy Husni of SMG

-Comics by Mike Miller

-An article on living seasonally by Mr. Will Toftness

-Cooking ramblings by yours truly

-Interviews with: Adam Jennings (WIO, Sick/Tired, Paucities etc.), SMG, and Exacerbacion

-A tribute to Sakatat

-Various reviews of records you've probably already heard, or if you haven't, know you won't like."