AGATHOCLES / BEER BELLY - Split 7”-SelfMadeGod-GIVE PRAISE RECORDS - Record Label & Online Store

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BEER BELLY - legendary Nippon drunk guys and girl making the sound of early SWANKYS and a big drop of CONFUSE/SIEG HAIL - vodka on it, blending it into a massive coctail of bulldozing early 80's noisepunk mayhem. AGx this time, with 4 brand new unreleased studio-tracks, sounding like a very pissed off and angry GASMASK, HUMAN GAS, early DISORDER/CHAOS UK bunch on an anti-hippie family party. Punx is hippies? Totally not. Punk is noizzzeee......Pass the dizz, not the spliff.

A1. Agathocles - Shit For Sale
A2. Agathocles - Jeez It Up
A3. Agathocles - Jah, Jah, Blah
A4. Agathocles - Hunt For Opportunisties
B1. Beer Belly - Die Punx!!!
B2. Beer Belly - It's OK