APOPLEXY - Dissection Till Perfection CD


"Los Angeles Grinders Apoplexy are out with a 2012 full length titled Dissection Till Perfection and make me think of early Exhumed; the guys that made Gore Metal a style on its own.

With 11 tracks of grime ridden lyrics, pulsating pummeling and riffage, Dissection Till Perfection digs it’s way into your brain. The influences are clear. Outside aforementioned teachers-of-Gore it can’t be denied that Apoplexy is a gory soup of sickness that blends together Impetigo and Haemorrhage. Dissect, Exhume, Devour, is an excellent cover of the latter and a great way to show some love for these Spaniards.

Apoplexy has set the stage for success in Gore. Exhudation Of Flatulent Discharge And Festoring Fetor Causing Instantaneous Aphrodesia and Pulsating Mass Of Excretion, show the excellence and entertaining style of Apoplexy’s Gore Metal. The mix of varying vocal styles and the well structured songs do a lot of good making Dissection Till Perfection a must have." - Undergrind

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