BATHTUB SHITTER - Fertilizer 7"-vendor-unknown-GIVE PRAISE RECORDS - Record Label & Online Store

$ 5.00

Seven more tracks of brutal grindcore from these insane Japanese fans of the bowel movement. I seem to be starting to get into this band more and more with each subsequent release that I get the opportunity to check out, because these songs are tighter, heavier, and more memorable than anything I've heard from the band to date. The shrieking high vocals are kept largely in check in favor of lower screaming, the guitar tone is nice and thick, the mix is fairly even, etc. As far as the writing, there are some classic breakdowns and speedy passages reminiscent of genre staples like Terrorizer, and a few generally slower tracks such as the mosh worthy "Bathtub Shitter" or the dissonant and forceful "I Cha Ko, No Cho Co". Two of the tracks were recorded live (including the second rendition of "Bathtub Shitter" that appears herein), so the vocals can be a little out front, but overall they still sound strong and fit in with the other tracks surprisingly well. The 7" comes in a black and white sleeve with a few band photos, the lyrics, and some of the band's token illustrations. Of course the lyrics are totally nuts and deal with a lot of shitting: "My mouth, my ass feels lies of past, light of reality, There is long way behind me, mother shit point was my start point, Born my brown line from mother line, Ass is feeling..." Musically I think this is my favorite material yet from these guys. I'm pleased to hear them nail a heavier sound and focus less on those grating high-pitched vocals, but the writing and arrangements seem more varied and effective as well - streamlined perhaps, but more powerful nonetheless. (AVERSIONONLINE)