BODIES LAY BROKEN / BLACK MARKET FETUS - Split 7"-vendor-unknown-GIVE PRAISE RECORDS - Record Label & Online Store

$ 7.00

A1. Bodies Lay Broken – Exsufflating Admixture Of Muculent Serous Ordure

A2. Bodies Lay Broken – The Ignominious Mess Of Conflagrant Exanthem

A3. Bodies Lay Broken – Incommoding Internecine Iliofage

A4. Bodies Lay Broken – Chudbot

A5. Bodies Lay Broken – Griseous Herniated Intima

B1. Black Market Fetus – Race To The Top

B2. Black Market Fetus – Face

B3. Black Market Fetus – Conquest Of Abuse

B4. Black Market Fetus – Trapped Inside

B5. Black Market Fetus – Communication?