BURIED AT BIRTH - Pestilent Hallucinations 7"

6 tracks of flat out, in your face grindcore/power violence some of the best I have personally heard in years. This band has been together for a few years now and already have released 2 CDs and a self titled 7″ EP all of which will blow your mind, Buried At Birth play good quality produced grindcore in the same vein as say Spazz or bands of that ilk.

REVIEW (8/10 points)

"San Jose band Buried at Birth have made a name for themselves by trafficking in the kind of female fronted grindcore that fans of both punk and metal can enjoy guilt-free.They don’t bullshit around;no clean singing,no self indulgent guitar licks,just grinding riffs,pummeling drums,and some of the most ferocious vocals you’ll hear from either a guy or girl.

Originally released by Grindcore Karaoke,BAB’s Pestilent Hallucinations is now being given the vinyl treatment by Migraine Records,and thank God,because while a free digital download is nice and all in order to truly appreciate the sounds BAB are able to create you must hear it on wax.Buried at Birth’s music occupies that ambiguous zone between grindcore and powerviolence,some may call it grindviolence.But what separates BAB from most grindviolence bands is their technicality.All the members of BAB are veterans of the underground heavy music scene and that experience only adds to the competence of their playing.While vocalist Veronica Mars,with her voice,is able to express all the pain,anguish,and

rage a grind vocalist should be able to,but rarely does.The fact that she’s a woman makes no difference.If I hadn’t have told you that the singer is female you’d be hard pressed to make that distinction.What’s even more impressive about the band is the fact that they are able to almost perfectly replicate their studio sound live.Something I can personally attest to.

While Buried at Birth are certainly able to blastbeat with the best of them,they really shine when they slow it down to mid-tempo speeds and allow the instruments and Veronica’s vocals room to breathe.On “Dumpster Diving at Planned Parenthood”,(great song name by the way),BAB move in and out of up-tempo and mid-tempo seamlessly without any awkwardness.On the 23 second “Sewer Chewer”,the song opens with thunderous blastbeats before closing with some humble guitar licks,about as ostentatious as the record gets.And on “Chain Sodomy” you can even hear a mini guitar solo 50 seconds in.

Criminally underrated as a band hopefully with the re-release of Pestilent Hallucinations Buried at Birth get the attention they so richly deserve.Go get your hands on this record,limited to 300 on translucent yellow." - American Aftermath