Moshpit Tragedy


"Moshpit Tragedy have ascended to ‘punk ideal’ status because they put bands and fans first. Their roster is available through Bandcamp for a ‘name your price’ donation, yet you get the feeling no artist under their umbrella is ever left out in the rain. Whatever outfit they take on will be supported. And, as previous releases make clear, they have a knack for picking some pretty good ones.

So it’s nice to see Moshpit Tragedy play matchmaker with Dogma and Corrupt Leaders. Both groups are relatively young, but their heads are on straight. As Dogma’s Facebook makes clear: “No bullshit, no trends, no gimmicks.” Of course, you might have missed Dogma or Corrupt Leaders since they’ve been plugging away at hardcore subgenres found mostly through ‘ask a punk’ word of mouth. Thankfully Moshpit Tragedy are those punks and this split is their answer. Now you know.

Windsor, Ontario’s Corrupt Leaders spew crust that grinds and grooves in the spirit of forebears like Dystopia. Just, you know, faster. Guitarists Mattu and Matt and bassist Jay alternate between Phobia-type rippers and head-nodding grooves. Their combined tone is, for lack of a better word, loud; the kind of speaker destruction that would rattle your bones in a live setting. It’s always on the brink of collapse, but drummer Xohn has a tight grip on the reins. He’s more than willing to loosen things up, though. When he does, Corrupt Leaders sears. When singer RF obliterates his larynx for the cause, you’re charred.

If Corrupt Leaders are hot, Indiana’s Dogma are corrosive. The trio race with a pace similar to d-beat, just subbing bad d-beat’s wimpy leads for stinging dissonance. Guitarist/vocalist Pat, bassist Mac, and drummer Anthony operate with an Infest intensity transferred to hardcore splashed with crossover thrash. Better yet, they can pummel for three minutes without losing the thread, building closer “Wolf” up with solid riff after solid riff. It’s a rare feat when a punk speedster displays endurance. That trait means they’ll last.

In the end, this split is a pretty good way to spend nine minutes." - Invisible Oranges