Moshpit Tragedy


Blazing crust punk / grind from Canada!









"Hard to pin down, containing elements of sludge, crust punk and grindcore. The one thing we can be sure of is that it totally fucking rips." -Terrorizer



"All guitar riffs and musical structures are cathartic and kind of corrosive to the bone." -Zombie Ritual Fanzine



"Vocals that sound slightly obsessed, hysterical, as if the vocal chords are shredded with every sound." -Wings of Death



"No filler, all killer release, one that deserves to go down in the ages as a classic." -Rise Above The Anchor



"Really heavy and super aggressive. The drums offer up a plethora of straightforward blast beats and hardcore-influenced mid-paced rhythms." -Autistic Metalhead



"Backward to Death features chirping birds over a nice interlude? Ahhh. So fucking heartwarming and classic!" -Inhale The Heavy



"You could easily label Corrupt Leaders as Crust, but I think that would be a bit of a disservice." -One Thirty Eight



"The production perfectly complementing the sludgy, crusty, heavy sounds this deceptively punk-based band lay down." -Brave Words



"Hard hitting sound and manic riffs call up something that we rarely find in modern punk." -Two Metal Guys Reviews



"Extreme Noise Terror is a good reference to quickly identify the quartet." -Core and Co Webzine



"I can only imagine how amazing this band must be live." -Shadow Cat's Metal Reviews