"This is a brief EP of discordant as fuck, heavy hardcore from Virginia. This band has been around for a long time from what I seem to remember, but this is the first recorded output I've heard from 'em in awhile. "Jenny Ritchie" is a great opener and acts as an example of how well this band jumps from chunky chord progressions to technical and dissonant Converge-esque riffing, to calm breaks with some ambient synths and clean guitars, all with vicious layers of screaming vocals and intense drumming all over the place. In between the "real songs" are interludes of ambient noise/samples that flow together pretty nicely and don't break up the listen in my opinion (probably because the EP is so short). "Playing in Traffic" is a bit more rhythmic and straightforward to some degree, but it also harnesses a lot of power and immediacy that works out fucking great. The production is rough, but I can handle it. The drums and vocals dominate, so I'd definitely up the guitars and the bass big time, but it gets the job done. The ruggedness of the tones works in their favor in some ways, and the mix is strangely clear to some degree. It's definitely somewhat messy in areas, but the clarity is present where it needs to be. And the drummer is a fucking madman, so his performance really shines. I honestly can't tell what's going on with the art. There's a lot of layered imagery and odd colors, and it looks pretty cool, I just don't like the type treatments at all. All of the fonts are boring and the lyrics can be hard to read over such a busy (though cool) background image. Lyrically the material is fairly cryptic but definitely dark: "Now it's sick up to the neck. The blood never seems to flow away. Like rocks pounding into my skull, I can't take the weight of wanting to live today..." This is damn good. If they either went with a more polished sound or somehow managed to add more punch into this raw, in your face approach... they'd really crush. - Aversion Online"