FESTERFUCK - An Audio Recollection of… CD

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FESTERFUCK - An Audio Recollection of… CD

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Festerfuck dishes out a pummeling onslaught of spastic mosh inducing goregrind.





"Wisconsin's Festerfuck put several influences in a blender here, but primarly it's sounding alot like fast, brutal death metal intermingled with enough grind, gore & some hardcore stuff to keep things from getting stale. The album stays very entertaining throughout its entire length with tons of relentlessly grinding, fast and technical riffs (no solos though) and a steady stream of blasts and speed. This is clearly superior musicanship at work here... The approach to songwriting is like a string of dynamic twists and turns, with the band's sick sense of humor often creeping into the song structures... I must admit the comedic aspect of this band often goes over my head though. Most of these 27 tracks run between the 1 & 2 minutes maintaining the expeditted urgency of grindcore. The crux of Festerfuck's influences seems to be Exhumed, it's especially apparent in the vocals displaying equal amounts of high raspy shrieking and extreme low growling, alot of the intricate guitar work is also very Matt Harvey-esque... Some of the songs also break down into Devourment-style slamming death metal (although I have zero knowledge about this style of music, so I'll leave it at that). An additional layer of shouting vocals injects an almost hardcore-style boost at times, which is pretty original for something so grind/death oriented. Sound production is maybe slightly too clean for its own sake (a rawer, crunchier sound would have kicked this up a notch for me)... but yeah, overall a very enjoyable listen!" - Braindead Zine