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Floodwalker / Senior Fellows "Split" 10"

Floodwalker come in with a punishing debut of anger, despise and alienation filled sludgecore. Noisy with almost an industrial feel, their two tracks clock in at a combined 11 minutes. Violent and up-tempo slow. Members did some time in 90’s crust bands and it shows. A nice mix of hardcore, crust, metal and sludge.

Senior Fellows, who have previously had three LP’s and a split 7”, come back with three new tracks of hypnotic, gruff sludge from the bowels of the dustbowl. SF can drop an almost drone psychedelia riff on top of a disgusting dirge part and come out like a bad acid trip. They close it out with a noisy ambient synth instrumental to pull you back in from the nightmare.

Cover art by Unexpected Specter.