HIGHSCORE - Unsuspecting Actors... Cassette-vendor-unknown-GIVE PRAISE RECORDS - Record Label & Online Store

$ 4.00

"Unsuspecting actors in a bad soap opera" is a 22 minute and 28 seconds to-the-point definition of no-compromise old school hardcore. This record is just like an unstoppable steam engine and definetly marks the zenith of Highscore’s work up to now. The band forges its way through 17 songs that will simply leave you breathless. Meaningful and heartfelt lyrics, with a strong focus on social and political issues, are screamed out in one insane amok run accompanied by a thrashing, blasting and never stopping instrumental zombie army. Imagine being right in the heart of an avalanche rolling down the Mount Everest then you get a clue what it's like to skateboard with highscore on your walkman. This record is a definite must and consolidates their position as one of the world's leading old school bands.