INCARNATED - Try Before Die CD

Polish death metal veterans are back with the 3rd album. The follow-up to “Pleasure Of Consumption” features 9 songs of unrelenting and heavy death metal in the vein of early HYPOCRISY (“Penetralia” era), NIRVANA 2002, NIHILIST, VOMITORY. Get ready for over 30 minutes of intense and uncompromising bloodbath in the old good way!



"The first riffs of Thomas and Pierscien hits the listener without any mercy, and the abrasive tone of their guitars as well as the riffing style quickly reminds one of early Swedish death metal bands such as Nihilist and Vomitory, with the vocals of Pierscien adding a nice touch of brutality on top of the relentless aural assault that the axe-wielding duo provide." – Heavy Metal Tribune




"Try Before Die is not an imitation of Swedes. I prefer to say they pay tribute to the gods of the past. And yes, there are a lot of Incarnated own sound in it to make the band shine through the death metal scene!" – Dark Souls United




"Admittedly there is a large and noticeable buzzsaw crunch to the guitars that will lead you in the Swedish retro direction. Thankfully though, that’s where most of the usual retro references end. Instead of opting for more Entombed and Dismember, one of the biggest odes on "Try Before Die" is that of early Hypocrisy (alongside some Vomitory). Featuring that same drive and urgent blasting, many of the songs here capitalize on that same energy that fueled "Penetralia" and "Osculum Obscenum"." - Dead Rhetoric





1. Zombieland

2. Second Side (out of mind)

3. Dead Eyes See Nothing

4. My Brother Cain

5. Full of Victims

6. Death Machine

7. Grave Is Where Your Heart Is

8. Bloody Hands

9. Madness