KURU / EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT - Split 7"-vendor-unknown-GIVE PRAISE RECORDS - Record Label & Online Store

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California's Death Grinding Cannibals, KURU offer two brand new bloody slabs for human consumption. "Buried In Hell" is a satanic blast anthem sure to quench the thirst of Lucifer lovers and christ-haters everywhere. "From the Tomb to the Womb" aborts the christian take-over with the birth of the new Anti-Christ, an infant demon-spawn hellbent on world Satanic domination and apocalypse. California's EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT threaten the existence of your children with two tech/death/grind tracks revisited from the "Beheaded By Volition" 2007 Mini CD - "Mutiny" and "Beheaded By Volition." Warning...May cause complete ear disintegration!