LUNCH - Johnny Pineapple 7"

Resurrection Records

Hot on the heels of "Quinn Touched The Sun", this 7" contains 4 of Quinn's most manic jems, newly remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Engineering. Lunch's infectious brand of upbeat post/garage punk takes listener's from fast-paced pop anthems to trudging, reverberated doggerel, and nowhere in between. It's like The Gun Club, Wire, UK Decay, and whatever garbage garage punk punk your into at the moment got smashed into the shape of a 7". The is guaranteed to stay or your turntable for a while (or at least until you throw it out the window). (Writeup By Prometheus Wolf)

Track Listing:

1. Johnny Pineapple

2. Slug Bones

3. Monochrome Lust

4. Sex Beat

Category: 7" VINYL


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