Haunted Hotel Records


This release demonstrates the necessity of incorporating automobile related elements in contemporary grind. It explores the common values shared by grind and car culture and establishes how important cars are for the future of this extreme musical style.

In 1954, Norwegian scientists made animals for the government. One of the failed experiments was to make a pig out of people. The result was a disappointing creature which the scientists named Pig, which is the Norwegian word for Böyfil. He looked like two bucks. In his teenage years, Pig developed many habits – far too many. In 1968 the government decided that he needed help solving his problems. So in 2008 Pig was put under the supervision of three successful businessmen – Berlevaag, Spets and Roger. Soon, Pig discovered he was writing poetry. His supervisors were impressed with his style. That’s why he became the lyricist for BxSxRx. The very same year they recorded one of Norway’s first ten grindcore demos. Pig still has a lot of problems.