PUTREFACO HUMANA - Colhendo Desespero 7”

Super obscure, kvlt, tr00, necro Brazilian noisecore from the golden 90's, from limited demo tape to 7" vinyl many years after the fact. Absolutely disgusting, punishing as fuck recording, so brutal that you'll feel your brain melt and leak out your eyes/ears/nose/mouth, so piss raw that you'll barely comprehend what the hell is happening anyway (Ulster 7" feels this way to me as well, so do certain Colombian comp tapes....man the 90's was a great time for unlistenable South American punk!!! so many classics!!!!).

This is one for all the true grinders and noise freaks. No riffs, no music, no bullshit, only pure fucking noise for absolute maniacs and addicts. If you know, you already know.