Sete Star Sept is embarking on their largest tour yet, a solid 6 week loop of the entire continental USA/Canada. They're playing basically everywhere but the northwest USA, midwest USA, and deep south USA. For their tour record on such a monstrous tour, we thought it'd be fun to....switch it up a bit.

Sete Star Sept crew have developed a keen appreciation for hardcore over the years. In fact, last summer after we saw Gag (WA), Kiyasu turned to me and said "I no longer believe grindcore is the most extreme form of music. I think hardcore is.", and I don't know if that was just the adrenaline talking or what (PS: Gag is FUCKING AMAZING), but regardless, that was the feeling.

In the Lotus Fucker camp, well at least me and John dig noisecore quite a bit. One glance at the SPHC discography and Lotus Fucker's touring partners over the years is evidence of that, to say nothing of the random Earwigs and Nikudorei stuff currently lying around my room.

Eventually we had the brilliant idea to copy each other's styles for a split 7". Sete Star Sept does hardcore, Lotus Fucker does noisecore. The results.....highlight why Sete Star Sept plays grind and why Lotus Fucker plays noise hardcore hahaha. We are both good at what we do....and not as good at the things we don't do. But still the results are cool, each band giving their impression of the other, a tribute to the things we both love about each other. We even switched artists and layout styles! Wes does all the Sete Star Sept art and layout, and we tried our best to replicate Sete Star Sept's signature aesthetic for the Lotus Fucker side.

Well this was a fun project record for everybody involved and it is available exclusively on Sete Star Sept's giant tour. Any leftover copies will be up on here.....but we're not expecting any.