Brand new EP from this 1/2 Dekalb and 1/2 Chicago grind powerhouse! Been over a year and almost 2 years since the LP was recorded for but these tracks were put to tape in spring and they had enough for 2 EP's, I got the 1st one of the 2. Andrew of Weekend Nachos recorded them this time instead of Kris Poulin and I think Andy has a better understanding on how this band should sound. Its louder, raw and the intensity is in your face. Corny way to describe this? Sure, but you know what? I think its fitting. 7 tracks and also on this one they got another hell of a raging good midtempo breather song that goes for a Today Is the Day meets Buzz.oven sort of thing and they still hit the speed factor to keep it from being a total buzzkill, no pun intended! I hate saying this still and I think they're bored of it by now but Adam was the 1st Weekend Nachos drummer (demo up to the split w CBS) and Kirk was in MK Ultra, who was always one of the few 90's HC local bands I ever liked. Cover art done by Alex of White Walls if you need to know who came up with that, Mr McCoy did the logo which adorns the back cover (and has resurfaced on each release since the demo).