V/A - Common Life Vol. II LP

A first idea of this compilation was just making a FxPxOx/Choice of my own split 7"EP, but some another bands were contacting us to release their and we were deciding to put out those stuff like a compilation coloured 12"LP. …………… second issue of our unknown bands compilation that's finally released on the vinyl - 12"LP. It's a five long years since first issue of the COMMON LIFE compilation {on tape}. We were having a lot of troubles with this 12"LP during the time, but the vinyl is already out and we are really happy to tender to you. The most of bands are fuckin young and it's not easy for this kind of bands to put out their stuff on the wax. We're glad to help them anyway. Second issue of CL contains those following bands – two Russian thrash detonations GEORGE HARRISON {they've had a split EP with Conga Fury as well, thrashing crossover hardcore in vein of a Suicidal Tendencies and DRI}, CAPTAINS AMERICA {a little bit more old school 80's hardcore than GxHx}, two Macedonian very political thrash bands FxPxOx {split LP w/Seein Red on 625thrashcore label and last LP on ThirdXparty, EP on Commitment rec}, CHOICE OF MY OWN {thrashing hardcore inspirated by WxHxNx? w/members of FxPxOx, those guys are fuckin young but totally active, because they are playing in another four-five bands, but each one different kind of hardcore. R.I.P. at this moment}, LOW VISION {total japanese ultra crazy thrash hailing w/typical brutal dirty sound and awesome vocal}, LxExAxRxNx! {Palermo pirate skate-core gangsters from South Italy, they have a full 7"EP and split EP w/Common Enemy from the States}, DUCKSTAB {raw 80's hardcore is coming from Leeds, UK, really nice sound}, SMD {USA veterans of thrashing crossover hardcore close to DRI, Suicidal Tendencies. I like them so much. New LP/cd on SIX WEEKS + tour w/Capitalist Casualties}, THIRD DEATH {unknown skate thrash young band from United States} and the last one is a Czech band called STILL STRONG {fast thrashing hardcore w/typical Japanese screaming voxxx. They've changed their line-up and sound as well a couple months ago. Now they are faster and louder than before}